We're here to help local people affected by cancer.

  PopCares Inc.

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Non-Profit Organization Helping LOCAL Cancer Patients

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Mission Statement

We have all been touched by cancer in some way and many have struggled with the day to day reality of the disease. We can all offer support to others who are battling cancer so that no one has to fight this disease alone.  Please help us in making a difference in the lives of those who are fighting cancer in our community.

Who We Are

To make a request for a donation for a cancer patient or personal caregiver click below and fill out the form. We will contact you upon approval.

PopCares Inc was established in honor and memory of Bill “Pop” St. Pierre who taught us all the importance of sharing small acts of kindness with others on a daily basis.  Pop and his family were fortunate to have the support of each other as well as friends and the community during his battle with cancer.  It is the mission of PopCares Inc to ensure that every person fighting cancer and their caregivers in our local community has the opportunity to benefit from that same level of support.   

Here are some of the ways that PopCares Inc will help:

  • Gift certificates for groceries, gas, dining, or for lodging while patients are undergoing treatment.
  • Assistance with maintaining homes, yards, or minor vehicles repairs.  
  • Small acts of kindness and support through cards and flowers.

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Latest News
Donations to date
Since our inception in 2012 we have helped over 256 families and have donated more than $80.000. We have donated over $30,000 in 2015 to date. Please help us help our community by donating to PopCares.
Golf Tournament
Join us for our 4th Annual Golf Tournament. Forest Park in Adams MA. Aug 29th. There are still a few spots left so sign up now. Either stop by Forest Park or register and pay online at popcares.org. Or you can call 413-281-1094 See our FaceBook page for details about the Golf Tournament.