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PopCares, Inc. Celebrates $1M Milestone, Extends Gratitude to Community

PopCares, a dedicated force in supporting local families battling cancer, has reached a significant milestone thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible community. 

As of earlier this month, PopCares has given over $1,000,000 to cancer patients and caregivers in Northern Berkshire County and neighboring Southern Vermont towns since our inception in 2012.

Reaching this milestone is a testament to the power of compassion, collaboration, and the generosity of our community members who believe in our mission.  PopCares extends heartfelt gratitude to every individual, business, and organization that has contributed time, resources, and support.

The success of PopCares is not particularly a celebration of numbers, as we all wish this need did not exist; however, it represents the positive impact we can bring about when we join forces. As we mark this milestone, PopCares remains steadfast in its mission, and we are committed to continuing this journey with the incredible community that has been the backbone of our success.

About PopCares:

The ONLY Non-Profit organization helping local cancer patients in the Northern Berkshires and bordering Southern Vermont towns.

PopCares, Inc was established by the St Pierre family in honor and memory of Bill “Pop” St. Pierre who taught us all the importance of sharing small acts of kindness with others on a daily basis.  Pop and his family were fortunate to have the support of each other as well as friends during his battle with cancer.  It is the mission of PopCares Inc to ensure that every person fighting cancer and their caregiver in our local community has the opportunity to benefit from that same level of support.   

We have all been touched by cancer in some way and many have struggled with the day-to-day reality of the disease. We can offer support to those who are battling cancer so that no one has to fight this disease alone.


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PopCares, Inc. Celebrates $1M Milestone, Extends Gratitude to Community
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